Classrooms of the Future with a Private Mobile Network

Affordable at $10K/year to launch across your school district and community

MDU building owners see an opportunity in using private mobile networks to quickly and cost-effectivley support “smart” living solutions and delight their residents.

We remove complexities and hefty costs to launch a private mobile network through easy to use API’s giving you the fastest, most affordable tools.


  • Seamless carrier-grade mobility for your students and staff across the community and at home

  • Easily integrate with existing systems without new cabling

  • Expand security monitoring and use same network to deploy video cameras and other safety technology without new cabling

  • CIPA compliant - remotely manage student and faculty devices
  • Low cost over traditional carrier solutions without new cabling to gain back control 
Alef is an Edge Platform company offering Private Mobile Network as a Service via APIs
to empower enterprises to create, customize, and control their own private mobile network,
inside the enterprise network.

We simplify edge computing through programmable APIs to jumpstart your 5G plans and
move your most critical applications to the edge.
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