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Accelerating Edge Deployments with Trusted Partners

Alef is the first EDGE API Platform where enterprises can affordably control and own their private mobile network. We remove long deployment times working with the traditional carriers.

Start selling and deploying the next cutting edge technology with early adopter benefits. You will be part of fostering innovation across edge computing. It's simple to start working with us. 

Enterprise mobility is foundational to edge compute. The expansion of mobile devices and IoT sensors makes near-field compute essential in today’s enterprise infrastructure.

Certain application workloads that require fast and reliable low-latency responses can be implemented in minutes with Alef’s Edge API Platform, quickly and simply.

This connectivity provides the foundation for you to access the suite of Alef APIs.

Once you complete our short application you will be contacted by your channel partner representative.

Deploy a private mobile network in 60 minutes! Everything you need to get started right now.